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New Features

New! Features In Easy Webinar EWP(3.8.7)

Webinars are now easier and faster with Easy Webinar. It Installs in about 5 minutes and will turn your WordPress blog into a webinar hosting platform. You will be registering attendee’s and live streaming your content into homes and offices worldwide – in no time flat.

Easy Webinar EWP(3.8.7) now allows you to use the popular web meeting platform Google Hangouts right inside the Easy Webinar App. Which means you can now pre-register attendee’s with Google hangouts and have instant replays moments after completing your webinar event.

  • Easy to use – Access all your webinar features and functions from one interface.
  • Easy to access – Launch Webinars from your WordPress admin panel.
  • Easy to deploy – Automatic page creation – just share the url with your list.

Automated Webinars

Automated Webinars

Record your live webinar presentation, even edit your presentation, and let Easy Webinar register attendees and stream your webinar as if were live – even at 2 AM in the morning while you are sleeping.
The great thing about the automated webinar feature is the attendee can participate when it’s convenient for them. This great for training a your sales team or presenting online classes.

  • Automated Registration – Your Attendees can choose to watch the webinar “On Demand” or in at time that fits their needs.
  • Automated Follow Ups – Easy Webinar sends out reminders and tracks your attendees.
  • Automated Presentations – Set it and forget it – Easy Webinar can run the show for you.

Live Streaming Webinars

Live Streaming Webinars

100% Google Hangout ready. Launch your Google Hangout and stream it live into Easy Webinar or get social ranking by sending Attendees to the live stream on Youtube.

Not only can Easy Webinar accept streaming Google+ Hangout videos but for more advanced users you can use Amazon EC2 RTMP streaming videos and screen share. With this new feature you can create live webinar presentation, without the huge monthly fees that you have pay by using other webinar systems.

  • Live Webinars – There are two ways to live stream webinars into Easy Webinar.
  • Easy Setup – Just answer a few questions and Easy Webinar does the rest.
  • Better Webinars – Easy webinar give you options that other systems can not give you.

Attendee Management

Attendee Management

The software will automatically create a webinar event funnel for you. You simply fill in the info, such as the title of your event, and scheduling your event, and EWP will create a registration page, thank you for registering page, event page, and event replay pages, automatically.
The Registration pages integrate with your own autoresponder. So if you have your own autoresponder such as constant contact, aweber, mail chimp, infusionsoft, or office autopilot, when someone enters their name and email into the registration box it not only registers them for the upcoming event, but also adds them straight into your email list.
No need to write reminder follow-up emails, because Easy webinar does it for you. Your Attendee’s will see the time in thier local timezone, so they do not have to do complicated math problems when converting timezones.

  • Auto Reminders – We will send reminder emails to your Attendees for you.
  • Auto Setup – All the pages are setup up for you… you’re welcome.
  • Auto Replay – We’ll send them an email to come watch the replay, and help you make more sales.
Tracking Services
Sales & Conversion
Admin Tools

Tracking Services

Tracking Services

Tracking your attendees is one of the most powerful features of Easy Webinar. With the tracking data you can determine which attendees are taking action and which are not. You can find that 20% of attendees that are really going to help you grow your business.
Easy Webinar use it’s internal API to track your attendees and the pages they interact with, so you can optimize your webinar system to get maximum conversion.
You can add external tracking to your webinar system, such as Google Analytics, to see what traffic source is converting best for you. No more wasting time, energy and resources on traffic sources that are not converting. Plus you can export all the data into your CRM software, for long term follow-ups with your customers and prospects.

  • Track Attendees – Find the movers and shakers in your business.
  • Track Pages – Discover which pages are working best in your business.
  • Track Traffic – Is your traffic source converting? Now you’ll know.

has internal attendee tracking so you can see follow up with both Attendees and Non-Attendees.

Such As Google Analytics If you need more tracking capability such as where is the traffic coming from, which ad is converting, you can add your own tracking links.

Our system tracks your webinar registrants, their email address, the date and time of their chosen webinar, if they attended the webinar and if so, who remained to view the entire webinar.

Use our cloning feature to clone your webinars and split test which registration pages work for your attendees

Sales & Conversion

Sales & Conversion

Easy Webinar makes it even easier for you to win customers and make sales. We have included built-in social share features that give attendees incentives to share news of your webinar with their online friends. Easy Webinar enhances attendee experience by delaying social cues such as The Chat Box Feature and The Dynamic Attendee List.
Our time delay features will create a sense of urgency to purchase your product or service, because if they do not act they may miss out.
We have made it easy for you to get people to register for your events. You can now place a registration form on any page of your website, including your home page with the NEW Registration widget.

  • Social Shareing – Incentivize people to share your webinar event.
  • Time Delay – Buy now buttons appear below the webinar presentation.
  • Social Cues – Bypass the skeptical mind of your prespect with social proof.

populates real time visitors into a list on your webinar page when watching right now or you can use the simulated viewers list option for more social proof.

is a different type of delayed event. It counts down a specific number of items. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to this feature. For instance, if there are a limited number of units still available, the attendee can see the units available reduce in real time. Or the number of bonuses stills available for say the next 10 minutes only, the attendee can see that number also decrease in real time.

allows you to put up an I-framed Registration Box anywhere you choose such as your website page or post, your facebook fanpage, the sidebar on your home page, or even in an affiliates website.

to the next in your unique and intuitive member’s dashboard.

Admin Tools

Admin Tools

Easy Webinar allows you to leverage your most valuable asset, your time. No complicated processes to learn, just simply follow our setup system and you are set to broadcast to the world.
Once you have your webinar optimized for maximum conversion, simply clone the webinar over multiple domains for maximum exposure. Send unlimited traffic to your sites and bank with your evergreen webinar system.
Control your whole business with a single dashboard. Check your stats, optimize pages and change features on the fly. That’s right Easy Webinar – makes it EASY!

  • Dashboard Control – Control multiple sites and webinars with one dashboard.
  • Push Button Cloning – Duplicate your success and bank more cash.
  • Leverage Time – Run multiple webinars at the same time – even while you sleep.

Give Your Webinar an Event Name for Internal Use. This feature is helpful for organizing your events based on perhaps affiliates promoting them (you could name your event – Video Marketing Webinar Promoted by John Doe.)

for multi-promotional use. This is awesome for creating affiliate webinars!

If you have a sales force, this is perfect!

Registration, Thank You, and Webinar Event pages. Pages can be branded with your logo, video and footer links

directly into our platform.

to the next in your unique and intuitive member’s dashboard.

We provide 24 HOUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Our turn-around time for ticket support is typically within 4 hours.

We are looking for customers and a community for life. That is why we want to help you with your webinar set up no matter what. If you can’t do the webinar set up yourself, we will do it for you.

These are Premium Training Videos that go beyond the very detailed set up training videos we have in your unique members area. These videos in the Easy Webinar System are designed to help you in your overall business through webinar and business training.