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Reynaldo A. Santana

is a rising philanthropist with a passion for breathing life into big ideas. As the founder and CEO of Marketing with Experts, Reynaldo has built a reputation for outstanding leadership, mentorship, and lasting relationships among clients worldwide who seek to grow their businesses.
Over the last 12 years, he has developed in-depth knowledge and skills in the retail, entertainment, technology, start-up, government, and education industries, making him a well-rounded and highly capable professional serving across a variety of fields and functions. His plan is to continue building his business worldwide in order to continue to help businesses maximize their potential and online presence through excellent strategic planning and development.
Reynaldo holds three degrees from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in business management, information technology, and international business. He also holds a master’s degree in leadership studies from Northeastern University with a specialization in team-based leadership. He is a first-generation college graduate.
When he’s not in the office, Reynaldo enjoys serving as a guest conductor at Boston College, and enjoys playing his trumpet with the M.I.T. Wind Ensemble.

Certifications: Bings Ads, Google Analytics, Google AdWords Video, Google AdWords Advanced Search, Google AdWords Mobile, Google Shopping, Amazon Web Services

VP of Operations

Eddie Mejia

  • Have you ever asked yourself what Inbound Marketing is?
  • Have you wondered if it was worth your time and money?
  • Will it really help your business grow and increase revenue?

Then you’ve found the RIGHT person!
Eddie N. Mejia is an avid entrepreneur that has been with Marketing With Experts from the very beginning as a speaker, and inbound marketing specialist. Eddie, through many years, has acquired outstanding skills in leadership, and a passion for teaching, and mentoring. He has brought what he’s learned and his passion, to Marketing With Experts. He also has extended knowledge in social media account managing, and has managed teams in various successful campaigns, making him a great addition to our Marketing With Experts family.

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Vigan Morina

Vigan Morina

Creative Director
Albi Zeka

Albi Zeka

Software Engineer
Granit Zeka

Granit Zeka

Full-stack Developer

Project Cordinator

Sean Lee

Born in Taiwan, and Sean came to the US in 2014 to study. In 2016, completing his Master degree in Northeastern University with a nearly perfect GPA 3.9 out of 4.0, majored in Leadership with a concentration in Project Management. During the program, He was able to bring his own project management experiences into the program and expand his knowledge, skill sets within project management and leadership. Thanks to his past working experience, He is able to align, probe and provide customers with solutions that fits their needs.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • How do we improve the efficiency of our sales funnel?
  • How do we improve our existing sales technology?
  • How do we reduce the length for our sales cycle?

We help sales and marketing officials drive more top line results by providing the added-value solutions:

    • Optimizing marketing and sales strategy
    • Measuring daily marketing spendings
    • Measuring higher lead conversions
    • Increasing qualified website visitors



At Marketing With Experts, our mission is simple! Make companies successful by leveraging technology.


Our vision is to be the industry leader when it comes to digital marketing and delivering revenue goals.

Say goodbye to unpredictable cash flow

and lack of ROI and hello to INBOUND!



We understand clients want more than an order-taker. They want a partner/team that understands their problems and challenges
and can help them reach their goals. This is the reason we only invest our time with companies who are serious about growing.
Agencies that simply pitch, start the project, finish the project, and send a final invoice are giving the client every reason to replace them.



There is a reason why we are called Marketing With Experts. We don’t believe in standard answers,
we tailor each solution specifically to each client’s unique situation and stick with them long-term.


“True joy comes when you inspire, encourage, and guide someone else on a path that benefits him or her” – Zig Ziglar